How to be a popular single millionaire

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Maybe you think you are already a popular single millionaire, but do you know why you are welcome? Is it because your words and deeds are attracting others to come close to you, and then being impressed by your charisma, or because someone else is impressed by your wealth? This has a different meaning, the former is really attracted to you, while the latter just want to get close to you and use you. The former can accompany you through various difficulties and setbacks, and the latter in your encounter will be relentless to abandon you, or in your use of value is completely consumed, you will be relentlessly abandoned too.
So, if you want to do a real welcome single millionaire, or do a single millionaire living in the deception of others? These are your own decisions. If you want to be a real popular single millionaire, then you look at these suggestions below, perhaps these suggestions will help you.
# words
There is no perfect man in the world. Mortals have strengths, it is inevitable weaknesses. People are always self-esteem, often do not want others to touch some of their own shortcomings, privacy, unpleasant things. Therefore, in interpersonal relationships, the speaker must be taboo. When it comes to talking to some sensitive, special things, they should be more considerate of each other.
1. Can not interrupt the conversation or grab someone else's words.
2. Do not distract, do not let others repeat the topic again.
3. Can not treat the questions of others careless, people will feel you ignore and despise him.
4. Do not diminished when others on a topic of interest, but you show impatience. You should not immediately move the topic to your own interest.
# behavior
The posture of the conversation often reflects a person's character, accomplishment and civilized qualities. So, when talking, first of all sides to face each other, listen to each other, not looking around, reading newspapers, face with a tired, yawn. Otherwise, will give people absent-minded, arrogant and unreasonable impression.
Standing, the body should be perpendicular to the ground, the focus on the two front feet, looked up, shoulders relaxed. Arms naturally drooping or cross in front of the body, eyes flat, smiling. Standing when not crooked neck, oblique waist, curved legs, etc., in some formal occasions should not be inserted in the pants pocket or cross in the chest, not to subconsciously do some small tricks, so not only look cautious, giving a sense of lack of self-confidence but also beneath the dignified deportment.
Sitting down, correct posture should be: back straight, shoulders relaxed. Woman’s should be close together; male knee can be separated from some, but not too large, generally not more than shoulder width. Hands naturally on the knee or chair armrest. In the formal occasions, sitting gently, don’t stand suddenly from seat, get tables and chairs ring, causing embarrassing atmosphere. No matter what kind of sitting, upper body should be correct. If you insist on this, then no matter how the body changes the attitude, will be beautiful, natural.
Walking, need to be light and stable, chin up and chest out, shoulder relaxed, eyes flat, smiling, natural swing arm.
# etiquette
Handshaking is an important way of communicating ideas, exchanging feelings and enhancing friendship. Shake hands with others, eyes watching each other and smiling, not absent-minded and looked around, not wearing a hat and gloves shake hands with people. Under normal circumstances, the time to shake hands should not exceed 3 seconds, must stand and shake hands to show respect and polite for others. Handshake also pay attention to a certain order: the superior first, after the subordinate; the elder first after the younger.
If you do this, I believe that your charisma will attract a lot of people. To get respect for others, first of all respect for others.


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